Medicare rebates available for comprehensive hearing assessments referred by GPs or other medical practitioners. 

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About Hear With Me

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Hear With Me exists to change how audiology services are provided by promising warm, personalised, comprehensive and honest audiology care for you and your loved ones.

Having grown up with hearing loss, Dr Gerard William would later devote his educational and professional experience to provide his best version of audiological services to individuals and families. Our goal is to provide you with an experience of care that listens to you, values you and journeys with you (or your loved one) at your pace.

We work closely with local GP and ENT clinics to ensure that you receive thorough investigations and clear explanations so that you remain aware of your conditions and how to best manage it.

Hear With Me was started by Dr Gerard William in 2020 in Heidelberg. We added our Southbank visiting site within Southgate Health in March 2024. We desire to find new and innovative ways to serve while maintaining person-centred principles which sees you valued as a human being.

Our Team


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Our team is led by hearing impaired Dr Gerard William, Accredited Audiologist.

PhD(Audiology), MAud(Dist.), BCom(Hons.), AAudA, MNZAS.

Dr Gerard has spent his lifetime around audiology, having grown up with a genetic hearing loss which was diagnosed at age 3 and fitted with hearing aids at age 15. He is an accredited audiologist from Australia Australia (AudA), a Full Member of the New Zealand Audiological Society (NZAS) and a Registered Clinical Scientist (Audiologist) on the UK’s Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).

He originally trained in New Zealand where he completed his Master of Audiology (with Distinction). He then worked in diverse areas of audiology including hearing, tinnitus and vestibular diagnostic and rehabilitation initially in New Zealand then across NSW, ACT and VIC. 

He then taught Masters of Clinical Audiology students at the University of Melbourne while completing completed his PhD in Audiology on scholarship from the HEARing CRC. His PhD research into person-centred hearing care explored how audiology clinics can better focus on the needs of hearing impaired individuals and their families to achieve better results. He later presented at various national and international conferences where he was co-awarded the Herbert J. Oyer student research prize at the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiologists Institute (USA) in 2018. 

Dr Gerard has been published in the Hearing Journal. He has served on Australia and New Zealand audiology professional bodies, and is registered to practice as an audiologist in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. He has also been featured on ENT Dr Eric Levi’s podcast.

Gerard founded Hear With Me Audiology Care in April 2020 to provide a fresh, family- and person-centred approach to hearing care ordered towards improving your ear and hearing outcomes. He is passionate about this goal and has worked closely with local ENTs, GPs, health professionals and community groups to ensure that each patient is looked after at all stages of the audiological journey.

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Looking To Join Our Team?

We are always on the lookout for outstanding administration team members and audiologists.

To be considered:

  • You must have a compelling reason for wanting to help us provide a fresh approach to audiological care for each person who interacts with us in a warm, personalised, comprehensive and honest manner.
  • You are committed to providing a 10/10 experience for each person who interacts with us.
  • You must continually seek growth within yourself and in those around you, and able to look towards our future goals while working hard in the present to get there.
  • You have leadership skills or be willing to be developed into a leader.
Audiologists must
  • be able to work with all age groups – adults and children
  • be able to provide safe and effective ear wax removals
  • be open to learning our hearing device brands on offer and become equally competent across all brands
  • willing to focus on rehabilitation excellence derived through evidence-based clinical research and patient feedback to achieve person-centred goals
  • be more motivated by exceptional client experiences (10/10) and achieving the needs and goals of each client ahead of financially-driven hearing aid sales numbers.
  • be deeply passionate about this work
  • have excellent interpersonal skills
  • genuinely care for each person
  • be keen to develop the next generation of audiologists and audiological research
  • be interested in leadership
  • is not currently an intern (we might in the future with enough clinical staff on board).
  • has appropriate qualifications in Audiology (i.e., Masters of Audiology) and accreditations for Medicare (i.e., Audiology Australia accreditation or equivalent).
  • in return, you will be rewarded for your continuous growth and have a more fulfilling audiology career than at most other organisations.
Non-clinical/admininstrative staff must have:
  • exceptional people skills (i.e., able to provide 10/10 service each and every time)
  • a tremendous warm and clear phone manner
  • organised, and able to organise those around you
  • able to handle uncertainty
  • able to handle the occasional demanding or verbally insensitive client
  • can be trusted to autonomously work without supervision at times
  • are interested in taking on exciting projects in the background
  • humble enough to receive instruction and feedback but bold enough to lead
  • keen for continuous growth and leadership within the role
  • bonus points for additional skills including
    • videography skills
    • photography skills
    • social media content creation
    • fluency in other languages (including Auslan)
    • graphic design skills

Interested in the challenge? Feel free to email an EOI with an introduction or to be notified when a formal role is advertised.